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It’s That First Impression!

You know in the first seconds if you like him or her!

In the internet world, it is what we call the “Bounce Rate!” If it doesn’t appeal to you, you’re gone! Google actually uses this as an indicator of a websites appeal, quality and relevance.


If Google sees that your website has “stickability,” it tells them that people are interested in you and you may be important as an authority. This is a factor in judging and positioning your website!

Just like the way you may be (or not) attracted to another person has a lot to do with the way they present themselves to you on that first impression. The same is true professionally with your website. It is the presentation that is being judged immediately.

With that being said, we, at CEO of SEO strongly suggest that you have a professional and highly relevant website which represents excellence with integrity and stability. Make sure that it represents your business at the highest level of authority in your location, surrounding areas or even nationally and globally if that pertains to your product or service.

Our Website Development Team
Creates Websites That Exude Professionalism

We Make That First Impression The Wow! Factor

We build websites based on your needs and standards. Your website can have all the necessary functionality from pop-ups, opt-ins to chat boxes or personalized sales videos.
Our professional website designs are creative and reflect a sign of the times in terms of being up to date or what trends are working.

Take a look at some demos we have built. Our clientele love them:

Take a look at some demos we have built. Our clients loves them:


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