Create More Traffic To Your Website Than Interstate 10 During Rush Hour

Huge traffic to your site is what Internet marketing is all about! Its what make the phone ring. It’s what make the company money. It’s what brings in new customers.

A Highly Effective Website + Traffic = Sales

Pay Per Click (Paid Traffic) is the way to get fast traffic to your website fast. It can be very effective if you are making money on your ad spend. Many people do not have the correct method end up paying a lot, lose money and then never want to try it again. Its about understanding the process because when it is done correctly, it works well.

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Organic SEO is longer term and takes more work in terms of creating content and understanding Google’s focus on relevance and the highest search experience for the searcher. However, according to Search Engine Watch, Organic results are clicked on 94% of the time. So it makes sense to use Pay Per Click (PPC) to get that initial flood of traffic to you site but have a strong SEO structure in place to get that longer term steady flow of traffic. Here is a basic formula:


Create On-Page SEO for your Website

This means that the webpages must be set up in a format that Search Engines like Google believe will give the highest form of relevance to the searcher. This involves many on page elements including keyword-driven headlines with content that specifically relates to the keywords on the page, properly coded photos and internal links (meaning links that connect to other pages within the website.


Create Off Page SEO for your Website

These are links that lead to your website from other external websites

Create the following platforms with a full profile.

  • Article Directories (Ezine Articles, Articlebase)
  • Answer Directories (
  • Website Directories (DMOZ)
  • Blog Directories (Alltop)
  • Bookmarking Directories (Reddit, Digg, Delicious)
  • Classified Directories (US Freeads)
  • Document Sharing (Scribd)
  • Press Releases (Business wire)
  • RSS Feeds (Feedage)
  • Review Sites (ConceptFeedback)
  • Slide Platforms (SlideShare)
  • Social Media (Use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube)
  • Photo Platforms (Imgur, Panoramio)
  • Video (Youtube, Vimeo)
  • Web 2.0 (WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Hubpages)

Develop these platforms and create content and links to create traffic to your website. The platforms in parentheses are some of the platforms that CEO of SEO uses. We create networks of several platforms in each area.

CEO of SEO specializes in On-page and Off-Page SEO. We develop platforms with high quality “Google-loving” sites along with “Private Networks” that send Google through a series of related keyword rich content all linking back to your product or service.

The results speak for themselves and most often achieve multiple first page positions, pushing the competitors down.


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