We Are Now In A Digital World But Don’t Forget The Basics With Traditional Marketing!

What is so wonderful about digital marketing is that we can track and analyze information whereas with traditional marketing, we can not measure who is reading or looking at our information and from where.

However, traditional marketing should not be left out by any means. Traditional marketing is the foundation of digital marketing and the basic principles still work. We are in a transition state where many people do not yet grasp the internet and business owners have not gotten fully on board yet.

What Exactly is Considered Traditional Marketing And Is It Still being Used?

Traditional methods of marketing typically involve advertising through newspapers, magazines, telephone books, radio, and TV. These ads are typically placed for a fee which corresponds to the size of the ad, as well as the medium in which it is published.

Based on these predictions, we would expect to see the use of traditional marketing methods in a practically vanish, but that hasn’t happened.

According to Forbes Magazine, ZenithOptimedia recently estimated that global advertising spending grew 4.9% in 2015 and will reach $545 billion by the end of this year.

Magna Global also estimated that global ad spending will grew 4.8% in 2015 to $536 billion. Longer term, research firm Ovum recently predicted that global revenues from TV advertising will continue to grow through at least 2020.

Research clearly shows that digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing, and inbound marketing are the fastest growing segments of the marketing industry.

And to some extent, these segments are growing at the expense of more traditional marketing methods and channels. It’s also clear, however, that many companies (particularly the larger corporations) aren’t close to giving up traditional marketing.

Companies are still using traditional methods and channels for several reasons, but the most important reason is that they still work. They may not work as well today as they did in the previous decades, but they are still much more effective than some marketing leaders would like to admit.


This table shows the top ten tactics and channels based on the percentage of survey respondents who said the channel or tactic had high or medium influence.
Recommendations from a friend/family/known acquaintance earned the top spot in the ranking, but what stands out in these results is that five of the top ten most influential tactics or channels – television ads, in-theater advertising, magazine ads, product placements, and newspaper ads – are traditional methods by almost any definition.

Traditional marketing methods still work because they benefit from several deeply-ingrained characteristics of human judgment and decision making.

For example, numerous studies by psychologists have demonstrated that the more often something (an idea, an image, a brand or a product, etc.) is presented to people, the more they tend to like it. Psychologists refer to this phenomenon as the mere exposure effect.

The mere exposure effect exists because we humans have a natural tendency to prefer things that are familiar and therefore, are easier to process mentally.


The Psychological Equation Is Familiar =
Easy To Process = Good

(G. David Dodd)

And mere repetition produces familiarity. Equally important, research also shows that the mere exposure effect operates – and may even be more powerful – when we aren’t consciously aware that a message or other stimulus is being repeated.

The mere exposure effect explains why repetitive marketing messages like TV and radio commercials and print ads can influence our attitudes and preferences even when we believe that we are paying little or no attention to those messages. The existence of the mere exposure effect also provides part of the explanation for why traditional marketing methods are still effective.

Traditional and digital marketing can work hand in hand very well.

Based on the principal of creating a familiar name and branding your business, traditional ads and direct mailings can lead back to your website and give even more information about you.

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