The CEO of SEO Search Engine Optimization program for local business is a proven step by step methodology that works. It brings businesses higher in the search engines, surpassing the competition. This means much more exposure through creating trust, authority and dominance on the web.

SEO Done Right = More Leads and Business

The business that uses online marketing correctly will dominate its local area and have exposure not only nationally but globally. If your company seeks to have customers call you from  down the street or anywhere in the world, using CEO of SEO will create bigger profits and leads than ever before.

The potential customers look for the businesses that are at the top of Google with the most professional websites and the highest reviews! Perception is the key. You and your firm must create brand recognition and be seen as the “Go To” business that will fulfill their needs. We have found that most businesses do a partial job with search engine optimization, if at all and often their websites are not properly maintained.

Google looks at freshness of content as well as the quality of hyperlinks pointing to the website. Many companies have broken hyperlinks which lead to error pages. This tells Google not just that there is questionable authority lowering their ranking (page positions), but also that the business does not care as much as their competition may care about their clientele.. With well maintained websites and a continual flow of fresh positive reviews through social media and citation sites, you and your firm can overtake your competitors in Google rankings even if they are larger firms with more years in the same business sector.

Google’s new algorithms level the playing ground and enable even smaller firms to be perceived as the better business and become “deemed” as the business to “win” higher exposure and positioning.   Will Search Engine Optimization Services Bring You New Business With Ongoing Leads and Exposure?

A Resounding YES! The CEO of SEO Search Engine Optimization for business program is the most powerful and effective state-of-the-art marketing available in the business today.

The Business SEO Formula:

Identify Competitors: (Utilize Competitor strengths; Links, Social Media and online content)
Formulate Targeted Keywords

Create and Format Citations (Local Review Sites) Create High Quality, Relevant and Unique Content Proper use of On-Page SEO (Page Optimization)
Proper use of Off-Page SEO (Links from other high quality websites of similar information)
Web Traffic Creation (Blogging, Feeds, Photo Platforms, Video Distribution) Relationship Building Through Social Media (Continuity with personality) Review Strategies Reputation Management Understanding Analytics


CEO of SEO Provides The Most Powerful Search Engines Optimization Services in Savannah, GA and Hilton Head, SC.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization Services in Savannah (SEO) On-Page SEO is having the correct format with keyword or keyword phrase placement, correct page descriptions, relevant pictures with captions, correct headings and most importantly, excellent content with at least 500 words about the topic of that page.

There must also be links within the website (from one page to another) enabling the visitor to easily see other information within the same site. On-Page SEO counts for about 30% of search engine optimization importance.

The Home Page is a critical hub that connects to the pages within your website. Off-Page Search Engine Optimization Services in Savannah (SEO) Off-Page SEO counts for about 70% of optimization importance. This is the linking from other websites to your site. It shows the search engines that other sites deem your site with importance. The quality of the other site is important since the search engines want to know who is looking at you and if they are considered an authority. This is the whole idea behind creating internet traffic. Having the company website extremely visible to the public, reviewed and talked about is exactly what every company wants and will increase clientele, sales and ultimately profits.

There are many methods used to create website traffic. Many website owners employ methods of internet traffic and unfortunately for them, often it is not done correctly, followed through or maintained. Most businesses higher people to design websites and other people to create forms of traffic building. It is often not coordinated correctly resulting in disjointed pieces of information resulting in a website lost in the cyberspace with no direction. It is often due to the business owner trying to save some money, not realizing the power of a focused, well optimized website. The right keywords, design, social media and optimization can literally change a business, no matter what size, to higher levels of success.

It is absolutely critical that you use alternative Anchor Text to your sites internal pages.

Need Help Getting To The Front Page of Google? We  can help get you TOP placement on Google for the majority of your related keywords in your area along with the most powerful Online Marketing Strategy developed It is the CEO of SEO Optimization Services SEO program. However, we work with ONLY ONE  professional in your business sector in each city. Call us at 843-422-7458 Before Your Competitor Does.