Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click advertising or PPC is pretty fantastic.  Why?  The easy answer is that PPC allows your business the opportunity to be at the top of the search engines just by bidding on certain keywords and phrases.

Very Quick Results

Geographic Targeting

You Only Pay When There is a Lead

How We Do It

These ads are basically sold at auction and you bid what you want to spend for a click on the ad.  If someone clicks on your PPC listing, they arrive at your website and you are charged the amount that you bid.  If you have the highest bid you have the opportunity to rank in the top of the page in the sponsored results area.  Now you noticed that we said “opportunity” right?  While having the highest bid has a lot to do with getting your results to the top, there are other factors which impact this as well such as Quality Score.  Quality Score is a value which Google places on how relevant your ads are to the person viewing your ad.  The higher the Quality Score, the better chance for you to rank that ad higher than your competition.


Benefits of Pay-Per-Click

PPC advertising makes a lot of sense for a lot of businesses. Is yours one of them?

  • Small initial investment
  • Set your own budget
  • PPC advertising levels the playing field
  • Instant gratification
  • Real-time “trackability”
  • National exposure
  • Increase local visibility
  • Honest-to-goodness marketing


Again, PPC can be an instant traffic generator if implemented correctly.  Call Monetized Click$, your Pay Per Click experts, assist you in creating a very effective Pay Per Click ad campaign while keeping it within budget.

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