Does Google And Other Search Engines Dislike SEO?


This is a topic that is often misunderstood. Many people wonder if performing Search Engine Optimization and other ranking practices are criticized by the top search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. In this article, we give an explanation on why SEO is not frowned upon but rather encouraged by search engines.

Google and other search engines do not dislike SEO. If Google opposed search engine optimization, it wouldn’t release its own SEO guide. In fact, SEO is a tremendous revenue driver for Google driving, not millions but billions into its reserves. Getting millions of people moving through pages upon pages of content is how the advertising dollars are earned. So, Google may not like the manipulation that reduces the clarity of the search but loves the source of revenue and the building of “perfection in search.”

Then, Does Google Love SEO?


Search engine optimization is undeniably a powerful tool for webmasters and website owners but it also helps search engines list relevant search results depending on what was searched by a user. Emphasis must be put on the word relevant. Search engines like it when websites are helpful to users and not lead to unfocused, irrelevant data.

So Yes, Google loves SEO for two main reasons; it gives clarity, relevancy and focus to the search and SEO creates tremendous revenue for Google.


Search Engine Optimization and Your Business


How will you apply SEO to your business? Learning the ropes is a good idea but this would take time to master. If you want to focus on your business, it is a better idea to get an experienced and ethical SEO company to do the work for you. There are a number of techniques that one can apply to a website so that the website can get traffic. The most important of which is posting high quality articles on your website.

These articles do not need to be an award-winning essay but one that has value for the people who visit your website. Other techniques such as the use of keywords, making your site’s navigation more user-friendly and search engine friendly are also important.

There are many things (Google has a list of approximately 200 items) that a SEO company should implement on your website to get it optimized for the search engines. They range from placing proper tags and titles through fixing the page speed of your website pages. Some may consider SEO techniques as incremental changes but if all of them are combined, you will absolutely, get more traffic.

For business owners, the more traffic their website gets, the more leads and queries they will get as long as there is good content written for conversion purposes. In this age where most people look for certain products or services online, it is very important for businesses to have an online presence. Online Marketing is now vital and currently is the most effective form of media to market what your business offers.

The question is, what does popularity and lots of traffic mean for your ROI? If your website has a good ranking on Google or other search engines, you will be reaching a wider audience. This means that a certain percentage of this audience will either buy your products or subscribe to the services that you offer which of course results to profit or sales for your company.


How Can My Company Gain An Online Presence?


Companies wanting an online presence and one that will contribute to an increase in sales should get an SEO company to help improve their ranking in search results.

While it can also be a good idea to pay for a spot on the first page using PPC (Pay Per Click), appearing the top positions of the organic results has proven to be much more effective. It has been proven that searchers usually often glance but ignore the ads. People don’t want to be sold and are generally, programmed to avoid the ads especially when they are looking for specific information about a product or service.

Business owners should keep in mind that nowadays consumers do their research before they take out their credit cards to buy something. This means that having your business in the organic search will gain more trust and authority. This will give more appeal to your target population.

While you can give SEO a try and apply all the things you’ve learned from us at CEO of SEO and other websites, learning how to optimize your business page can take time before you get the right combination that appeal to search engines. There are many processes that need to be learned and this will mean less time for your business.

Hiring a SEO company like CEO at SEO to do the job for you is a good investment because it will give your website and your business the effective marketing strategies it needs to attract new customers and grow your business.