Content Marketing is Releasing Something Interesting That Grabs Attention For A Business And Builds Trust

Highly profitable businesses put out content that helps people, gets them to pay attention to you and your business and over time builds a deeper level of trust. These people become part of your community, they help promote your content, refer people to your business and may become your fans and loyal customers.

“Creating great content is not enough because without a great business, you are sending attention to something that is broken, not truthful or non-existent. Be That Great Business.”
—Dan Norris, Content Marketer

There Needs To Be A Logical Link Between Great Content and A Great Business


Content Marketing can hugely succeed when the business is fundamentally sound. Often when the content does not convey relevance and focus, it will not hold the visitors attention and they don’t follow your intended funnel. There must be excellent content that is the “logical link” between the content and the business.

Monetization Logic is a well thought through process that provides the “Yes, that makes sense and that’s what I’m looking for” information to your visitors. Your visitors then become customers.

Content Marketing is A Process And Should Be Implemented For Creating List Building And A Stable, Long Term Profitable Business

  1. Content Marketing is about building trust which takes some time through quality and repetition.
  1. It takes time to build in marketing channels that reach your target market.
  1. Valuable community members need to be developed with quality and by having a positive reputation.
  1. The right content needs to be sculpted to precisely what your audience is seeking and this is done though analyzing response to your current content.
  2. Really good content  breeds even more good content. Value is gained though “pollinating” the information though linking blog posts, providing guest posts, posting to social media properly and creating channels that Google loves and respects as quality.

Create High Quality Content

Great content is something you provide to your audience that captures their attention and encourages them to encourages them to engage and share.

Great Content succeeds when people engage with, comment on and share it! Just creating creating lots of content is not a good practice.

A key is to become a recognized resource to “Go-To.” Be the authority that has important things to say about that topic of interest to your audience.

  1. Your Content Can Not Be Boring! Create content around your target audience. Inspire your readers with excellent story-telling.
  1. Care About Your Community. Create that deep connection and they will give you sources of continual topical ideas.
  1. Be Generous With Your Content. Content marketing is about building trust so give plenty of information your audience can use and appreciate. It generally comes back tenfold.
  1. Be Transparent. People embrace transparency and is a basis for trust.
  1. Be More Actionable. It is highly effective when you truly help people. When actionable and effective content is delivered, people take notice and become endearing when they can use it for their needs and benefit.
  1. Tell A Story. Telling a good story holds your audiences attention. The most powerful content in the world moves people in some way. It may be though humor, through surprise or shock, through joy or sadness. People make decisions based on their emotions before logic. Story telling is the most effective way to hold people’s attention. It is a powerful and effective strategy to share your brand’s unique story which engages potential customers, boost sales and achieve success.

Content Quality Standards

  • Useful
  • Easy To Read
  • Has Credibility
  • Emotionally Relatable
  • Content based on Audience (Not You)
  • Be Specific, Not General
  • Be Generous
  • Be original
  • Make it Shareable
  • Interesting
  • High Quality Design
  • Flows Well
  • Entertaining
  • Long Amount of Content
  • Monitoring Traction
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Email Replies
  • Content Driven SEO

Content Marketing is an important part of effective Search Engine Optimization.  Content is a “Critical Criteria” according to Google and is a focus within the list of algorithms.

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