Dominate Your Competition Like A Ninja

Everything you put out on the web is public information. You can look at what your competition is doing and they can look at what you are doing.

But are they using your information to make themselves stronger? Yes, some of them are doing that. Most of them are not, nor do they know how to analyze you.

Analyzing your competitor’s website from their coding through their content and linking structure is so powerful and gives you the information you need to dominate them.

It’s Like Having The Keys To Their Private Filing Cabinet

It’s like opening up their file on marketing and examining their complete plan. It is completely ethical and done everyday. Find out exactly what they are doing and how. What does it take to bring the customers going to their website to your website?

Since internet marketing levels the playing ground, it does not matter what size you are or who your competitor is. It is about how you present yourself and if you can make your business project the image of the authority, the place to go to solve the customer’s needs. Be the absolute best you can be. Learn what it takes to be on top and if your competitor is ahead of you, find what they are doing and not just do the same but make your content and website assets even better!


What Your Competition Can Tell You And Where To Look
Here Are Some Powerful Ideas

Click Below To See A List  of Competitor Website Information To Analyze

Competitor Website Information List
(Page To Be on Website)

To Start: For those of you who have a PC, first go to your competitors site and click the Control button and the letter “U” at the same time. There is the code of your competitor’s page! Look For their Title Tags (Headlines), Keywords and Description of their page. This is what Google Reads and what searchers are look for.

Here is an example of what you will find

  1. The “title metatag” is how Google identifies the title. This is what shows up in the Google Search Results Page (SERP). It is the most important piece of information on that page. It tells Google if the content is relevant and must keep the visitor’s interest enough to stay on that site.
  2. These are the keywords that your competitor is using. Would the same keywords benefit you?
  3. The meta description is also extremely important. It also shows up in the Search Engine Results Page below the title and it should not be more than 155 characters.

Check Your Competitor’s Social Media

Is your competitor using:

  • fb Facebook
  • twitter Twitter
  • linkedin LinkedIn
  • pin Pinterest
  • youtube YouTube




  • Take a look at every important social media site.
  • Is the competition writing good content?
  • What content are they using?
  • Are they connecting with an audience and who is the audience?

Maybe you can get their audiences attention with better content in the same interest? This happens often and the competitions customers look at you and believe you may be a better provider for their needs and Take a look at software like (No charge section)

Learn keywords of several competitors.



Competitor’s Links To Their Site:

This is one of the most important indicators Google uses to see if the site is relevant and placed in the Google ranking. Google’s algorithm focuses on the idea that If other sites of quality are linking to the site, it must be an important site.

There are ways to find every link your competitor is using (through paid software) but this analysis is a key to understanding exactly how other sites are linking their site. The goal is to use the good links for your own site. It is worth getting the list of your competitor’s list of links.

CEO of SEO takes your competition very seriously.  We want to know everything about them and why your competitor has higher positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing. We have every digital opportunity to understand the underlying factors that bring them to the top positions.

We study it and analyze it with powerful “stealth” techniques (all ethical) and we use our skill, experience and technology to surpass your competitors. The goal is to:

Get Your Business To The Top of Google So The Searchers of your Product or Service Sees You With The Message That Will Convert Them To Be Your Paying Customer.

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